Comparing and choosing the right bid

Comparing and choosing the right bid

Comparing and choosing the right bid

Redesigning with better information architecture

Project Overview


Giuseppe, front end engineer

Tom, back end engineer

Lauren, product designer

Andrew, Act operations
Yaniv, Select operations

Ramona, customer success

Initial Project Brief

Our customers want to view all bids in the product so that they can make a decision to choose this bid. However, currently our product makes viewing and comparing bids difficult. How might we help our customers make an informed decision through our bids page?

Project timeline

Nov — Dec 2022


Dec 2022


Choosing a bid is an important and big decision. The team wanted to decrease the amount of time a customer spent in the bid process and build trust that these bids have been rigorously analyzed.

High level audit of bid details feature

I started off with auditing the page

The current details of the page were in a drawer with 2 columns. I spent some time analyzing a few of the ways that I had heard, seen and depicted how this was a difficult way to consume information.

Problem statement

How might we

How might we help customers make decisions on bids more easily and more quickly?


Decrease time in choosing a bid


Start tracking the number of downloads of submission form

Iterations for bid details


Both our internal and external team spent a lot of time looking at attachments. It was important for this section to be clear. Below are a few explorations.

Mid fidelity mocks for bid details

Info architecture

The page needed clarity while enough categorization. I spent time with our internal operations teammate to make sure

Final designs




  1. Ask for feedback while also offering the advantages and disadvantages for each design. I realized some stakeholders like to receive more guidance and recommendations rather than having to wonder which design actually looks better